The “King of Carotenoids” Benefits With Heart Health & Exercise Performance

Astaxanthin is known as the “king of carotenoids” for its many benefits and how powerful it is next to many other antioxidants. Astaxanthin gives salmon their pink color and has many benefits for our skin health. In a new study, astaxanthin has benefits beyond the skin, including cardiovascular health and exercise performance.

But there’s another reason astaxanthin tops our list of antioxidants: A new study on astaxanthin supplementation found that the antioxidant does suppress oxidative stress, yes, but that suppression also benefits cardiovascular health and exercise performance.

It makes total sense that oxidative stress is associated with poor cardiovascular health. As functional medicine practitioner Christine Maren, D.O., previously explains it, “Simply put, oxidative stress is like rust in our body formed by oxidation, and it accelerates aging and disease.”

We all know and understand how important antioxidants are for fighting free radicals in our bodies. Researchers now understand how critical astaxanthin is to cardiovascular health. For athletes trying to improve their endurance in their workouts, adding astaxanthin to our pre-workout routine can be the key to improvements.

Astaxanthin can accomplish many health goals at once. From the benefits reducing oxidative stress to recently found benefits with the heart and exercising, adding “the king of carotenoids” to your lifestyle is bound to show improvements.

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